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Jeffrey Price

Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Tech Manager

Jeff has been an enthusiast of ghost hunting and paranormal activity since he was a kid. Jeff is glad to be able to help create the organization Michiana Paranormal Investigations in 2012. Jeff has traveled to haunted locations in the United States along with England and Scotland.

Jeff also enjoys the technical side of the investigations. He is also the "tech" guy with the group assisting with placement of electronic equipment, camera's and audio equipment. Jeff earned a B.S. in Mass Communication, specializing in video and television production from the University of Evansville in 2005. Jeff was also involved in swimming and diving in high school and competed in Division One diving at the University of Evansville.

Jeff has worked with the Mishawaka Police Department since 2007 and is currently a Corporal with the department. Jeff is currently certified as a CRIME SCENE TECH, PHOTOGRAPHY TECH and an ACADEMY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys competing in local and national triathlons, running, swimming, and traveling.

Jeff is very excited to be a part of MPI and looks forward to the growth of the group and future investigations.

Liz Brownbridge

Co-Founder, Lead Investigator

Liz has been fascinated with the paranormal for many years,having lived in a haunted house for 5 years when her children were small..There were no paranormal groups out there at the time to help her and her family, so when the opportunity came along many years later she jumped at the chance to help co-found Michiana Paranormal Investigations .

Liz enjoys all aspects of investigating, but interviewing and client follow up is her favorite part.

When not ghost hunting Liz works full time as a 911 dispatcher for the Mishawaka Police Department. She also has a passion for a program though the department called 911For Kids. The program helps school age children and their parents learn when and when not too call 911 and knowing their phone number and address along with an escape route in case of a fire.

Sheri Wass

Co-Founder, Investigator

 Sheri has been a member of Michiana Paranormal since 2012. Sheri currently works with the Mishawaka Police Department in the 911 center. Sheri has been to many haunted location around the United States and looks forward to upcoming investigations.

Rick Bunch

MPI Psychic/Medium

MPI also workd with psychic/medium Rick Bunch. Rick is based out of South Bend, IN and has been featured on local news shows and has recently finished a pilot TV show with the Biography Channel.

Rick is a great asset to our team as well as a good friend.

Check out his website at

Jeanie Nunemaker

Investigator, Evidence Tech

For the most part, my fascination with the paranormal began years ago after watching many reality shows on this subject. It drove me right off the couch to seek out my own experiences and truths about the paranormal.  I started doing paranormal investigations in 2011 with my first trip to Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. 

Since then, I've been hooked and investigated many locations rumored to be haunted in and around the Michiana area and those popular places throughout the Midwest.  Although, I am a bit of a skeptic, always trying to debunk something appearing paranormal. However, from my experiences, there are many times when there just isn't any logical explanation to voices, noises and things that go bump in the night. Those are the time when you have to realize that there are things out there that just can't be explained away. 

Because of that, it’s now my goal to help others by either validating their experience, determining why a place would be haunted or perhaps identifying a natural cause to their seemingly paranormal experiences.

Jeanie has been with Michiana Paranormal since 2014. MPI is happy to Jeanie to our team!

Jennifer Boht

Investigator, Location Manager

Jennifer joined MPI in 2014 and has been ghost hunting for 10 years. Her speciality is case and location management and enjoys working as a liaison between clients and the team. MPI is happy to welcome Jennifer to the team!

Doug Young


Doug has been a member of Michiana Paranormal Investigations since 2012.

Sherri Young


Shelli has been a member of Michiana Paranormal Investigations since 2012.

Josh Berzai


Josh has been a member of Michiana Paranormal Investigations since 2013. Josh has a strong interest in paranormal research and brings a lot of knowledge to the group.

New team member coming soon. Stay tuned for updates about out group